How to send a proposal to a client


*This tutorial will walk you through the process of sending clients proposals. Note that the client currently has to sign up for a TrainersVault account before sending their email an invoice.

  1. Log into your TrainersVault account and navigate to the TrainersVault home page, in the top right corner click on your your user name. In the drop down box presented select "My Sessions"

  2. After clicking in "My Sessions" you will be brought to your personal agenda, on this page select the button labelled "Create Invoice".

  3. After clicking on the "Create Invoice" a new menu will appear, fill in the fields. Ensure that the description field is detailed with all the details of the invoice. You can input the cost per session and number of sessions that reflect your service.

  4. After selecting "Send proposal" under the "Manage" button, you will be brought to a blank proposal page.

  5. Below is an example of what your client will receive in the email. Remember your client currently needs to have their email registered with TrainersVault.

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