How to run a bootcamp: A complete guide


Finding a location

These are the most common places for trainers to use for bootcamps:

- City parks
- Beaches and green spaces
- School gymnasiums (Contact you local school board for rates and hours)
- Sports training facilities

Selecting a time/ Date

At TrainersVault we believe that trainers know their clients better than anyone but you are just starting to run bootcamps here are some tips. When scheduling your bootcamp/ class you should have your boot camp either in the morning or late afternoon, in the morning it can be best to run them sometime between 6am and 10 am on weekdays and 9am to 11am on weekends. If you prefer to run afternoon classes on weekdays give people enough to to go home after work and change, aim for somewhere between 6:30pm and 9:00pm.

*Many trainers run short 30 minute classes during lunch hour.

Setting up the bootcamp on TrainersVault

 *Complete guide coming soon*

1. On the TrainersVault homepage click your user name and in the drop down menu select "Agenda"

2. When viewing the agenda select the date that you want to have your bootcamp or one-on-one session on, select the time slots that you would like (they are split into 30 min block).

3. In the pop up window select "Create a bootcamp" 

4. Proceed to fill in all the fields. In the description be sure to clearly layout what you will be doing during the workout, the fitness level needed to participate, state if clients should bring water/ sweat towels, parking information and a inspirational line!

*Complete guide coming soon*

Promoting your bootcamp

Once you have your bootcamp you need to let future and existing clients know. Instagram and Facebook are great tools to promote your event, you need an effective photo and description to really drive your bookings; here is an example of a effective post:

There are 6 pieces of information that in this photo that drive client bookings.

1. Firstly it clearly states what city this bootcamp is being held in, this is important as new followers want need to know this.

2. The date and time should also be clearly shown on your post.

3. State the specific location of the event whether it is at a gym, city park, beach ect.

4. People pay to work out with you so include your personal branding whether that be a hashtag or instagram user name.

5. Have your TrainersVault link in the picture also!

Here are some apps that enable you to quickly make images like this one:

PicLab      Camera360      PhotoGrid

6. Having a clear and colourful photo is important in drawing your fans eyes to the content. The photos that drive the most bookings are photo's of you as the trainer helping or leading a group of people.

Do not write you link in all upper or lower case like this:

Write your TrainersVault link with the first letter capitalized like this:

Capitalizing the first letter makes your link much easier to read and emphasis your personal brand as a trainer.


The Caption

After grabbing your fans attention with your great photo as shown above you need to write a great description to get your fans excited for your event.

This is an example of a good caption that works with the photo to increase your bookings:

1) #Houston Bootcamp JULY 12th Register:

2) There comes a time when you just gotto jump right into the deep end, where you stop questioning yourself and stop allowing your fears get the better of you.  Instead, you choose to do something to BETTER YOURSELF

3)  ...with that said, DEAR HOUSTON, I hope you're ready to JUMP! Come out and  sweat with me July 12th at The League ... I've got some Body Blastin' fun planned for you all, and we're going to have a bloody good time! //// Class + Open Discussion after where I will share my story and answer all questions.

4) #Houston #fitlife #BetterBeatsBest #bootcamp #fitness #trainers #exercise #personaltrainer #repost #litalewis #betterthanyesterday #gym #health #workout

1) Tag your friends! and Register: ••• JULY 12th

There are four parts to this caption that make it so effective at increasing your bookings:

1. The title of your event and link to your TrainersVault page at the very top and very bottom of the post reminding people where they can go to book your class (ask them to tag or share with friends).

2. The has a personal message, clients are choosing you as a training over a gym or website because they value the relationship and support system that they develop with trainers so show personality!

3. The meat of the post, after capturing the attention of your audience tell them what your event is about! Are you doing a functional fitness bootcamp or a run on a trail, are you targeting abs or building those biceps? tell them here and show energy and enthusiasm.

4. Make sure you use hashtags that relate to your event, use hashtags mentioning the city, location of your event and the workout type you will be doing.



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