How to promote your event on social media


Promoting Your Event

Now that available sessions are live on your Trainersvault agenda, let's advertise! Instagram and Facebook are two of the easiest, quickest ways to share your event. Here are 6 critical components that every effective event photo has:

1. City and/or region

2. Date and time in large, clear, and visible font

3. Specific venue for event (ex. a gym, city park, beach etc.). Particular meeting locations can be put in the caption and should also be on your actual session description.

4. Any trademarked or distinct branding (ex. your hashtag, instagram username, a quote, etc.).

5. Trainersvault link in the picture so they know where to go

Our top 3 choices for free image editing apps:

PicLab      Camera360      PhotoGrid

6. A clear, colorful, and appropriate photo. Photos are your chance to convince customers why you are the one to lead them to their goals. Remember a picture speaks a thousand words so think about how you communicate your passion and personality. 


Do not write your link in all lower case letters like this:

Write your TrainersVault link with the first letter capitalized like this:

Capitalizing the first letter makes your link much easier to read and emphasis your personal brand as a trainer.

The Caption aka "Convert the Sale"

Your photo has them interested, now let's communicate your excitement and elaborate.

Good Example:

You can now register for my #SeizetheSummerBootcamp at

"FIFA Lives On" Bootcamp

In light of the FIFA World Cup, I felt inspired to design a soccer athlete-inspired bootcamp. You will endurance, strengthen and tighten your core, and sculpt your lower body with explosive, body weight and agility drills. No previous soccer experience necessary--just you and a positive attitude!

July 12th, 10-11:00am Santa Anita Park


**Note: As you know LA is in a heatwave right now so please remember to dress in light, breathable clothing and to HYDRATE WELL the day before and morning of. I will be bringing a case of coconut water for us but do not hesitate to bring extra water if you think you may need it. I can't wait to sweat it out with you! :)

Tag your friends and Register now! ---> <---

Easy! Now it's your turn:

1. Title of your event and your Trainersvault link (either in all capitals or with the first letters of each words capitals so it is easy to read and remember)
2. Description of your class, people want to know what they are paying for! Tell them what your event is about and make it interesting. Are you conducting a functional fitness bootcamp or a run on a trail? Targeting abs or will this focus on biceps? Tell them here with energy and enthusiasm. After the description(1-3 sentences max) put the price. You decide what phrasing works best with your brand and your clientele but be aware that wording such as "for only $20" communicates that the price is a bargain for what's being offered.
3. Reiterate the date/ time & location of your event.
4. Your very very last line should be along the lines of "Tag your friends and Register now! at:"

5. Include your relevant local hashtags so people can find you.

We would love for you to tag/mention @trainersvault so we will be able to see customer responses and provide customer support as needed.

Instagram/ Twitter:

Instagram & Twitter feeds move quickly so be sure to post often. Post the same photo 2-3 times a day so a higher percentage of your followers see it in their feed.

IMPORTANT: delete the older photo first before re-posting it again! No one can accuse you of being an Insta-spammer if you hide the evidence ;)

If you don’t know when to post are here are the best times according to social media analytics:

• 8:00am-9:00am (when people are going to work)

• 11:30-1:30 (as people are on lunch break)

• 4:00-6:00pm (as people are commuting home)

**I would also throw in that an 8:30-10:00pm is worth testing too as many people scroll

through their newsfeed while lying in bed.


Building a Facebook fan page is one of the best ways to help your business grow and for you to engage with more people. It allows you to see metrics for exactly how many saw your post and makes it easy for friends to share it with potential referrals. Only post once or at maximum twice per day on Facebook (unless you are having special event), ensure you include the full link to your TrainersVault or even particular event page in your status updates so people can easily click on the link.

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