How to link TrainersVault to your bank account & set up Payouts


*This tutorial will show you how to link TrainersVault to your bank account as a trainer to deposit your earnings from bookings.

  1. After singing up as a trainer ensure you are logged in and navigate to the TrainersVault homepage, click on your user name in the top right corner and select "Account".

  2. After selecting "Account" from the drop down list you will be brought to your Account page. Select the button labelled "Payouts". After that you will see a button for "Add Payout Method".

  3. After selecting the "Add Payout Method" button you will be prompted to enter your Bank's name, your account number, your routing number and other details needed. If you need help finding your banks routing number contact your local branch or search it here.

  4. After adding your information select the yellow "Add account" button and the page will refresh with a confirmation box confirming that it was added.


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