How to add a credit card to your acount


This tutorial will walk you through manually adding a credit card to your account.

1. In the top right corner of any page on Trainers Vault click on your name and select "Payments" as shown:

2. After selecting "Payments" click on the large yellow button label "New Card" to add a new card to your account.

3. After selecting the "New Card" proceed to fill in the fields corresponding to the credit card you wish to use. If you are residing in the United States of America you will be asked for a zip code instead of a postal code as shown. (If you are having trouble finding your CCV this page will help you locate yours)

4. After filling in the information of the card you want to use as shown below, click on the "Add Card button".

4. After clicking the "Add Card" button your page will refresh with a confirmation box saying "Credit Card Added" as shown below.

*Security of

TrainersVault use a secure and anonymous payment processor that securely handles all payments. Our website is secured with SSL encryption (indicated by the pad lock in your browser's address bar when viewing the page) and Balanced Payments handles all credit card transactions with us never having your information (Some of the thousands of websites that use Balanced Payments can be found here Using industry leader Balanced Payments for transactions means that your credit information is secured processed without your credit information being on

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