How to manually issue a refund


*There are two ways for trainers to refund clients, through the TrainersVault messaging system and through the bootcamp interface. This tutorial will walk you through manually refund a client you can find instructions on how to do so at this link . If you wish to refund them simply from within the messaging system please refer to this guide

  1. To manually issue a refund, navigate to the the TrainersVault homepage and click on your name in the top right corner. From the drop down menu select "Agenda" as shown.
  2. After arriving on the agenda page select the bootcamp or event that the client you wish to refund has booked. Do this by clicking on the particular event block in the calender to be brought to the event details.
  3. After selecting your event block you will be brought to the event page as shown above. Find the clients name in the list that you wish to refund, click on the arrow beside the check in button and in the drop down menu select "Refund".
  4. After selecting "Refund" from the drop down menu you will be brought to a confirmation page, complete the refund by clicking the "Issue refund" button.
  5. Upon confirming the refund through the red "Issue refund" button you will be brought back to your agenda with a confirmation box stating that the "Refund [was] issued" as shown above.

*Remember to read TrainersVault refund policy here

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