Viewing your clients as a trainer


*This tutorial will show show you have to view past clients that have booked through TrainersVault showing you how much your client's lifetime contribution, their email address and what bookings they have made with you in the past. 

  1. On the TrainersVault home page select your name in the top right hand corner, in the drop down select the "Client" option as shown.
  2. Your' clients will be arranged alphabetically as shown, if you know the name of the specific client you are looking for simply enter it in the "Search" box and select search. Once you have found the particular client you are interested in click on their name to bring up their client profile.
  3. After selecting your' clients name you will be able to see their lifetime payments to you, their email address and an option to message them through TrainersVault.
  4. You can also view the previous bookings this user has made with you as a trainer under the "Bookings" tab as shown below.
  5. Under the "Bookings" tab you are presented with all the bookings that user has done with you as a trainer. This is a great way to see what kinds of events your most valuable clients books the most.



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