How to refund a client through your inbox


*There are two ways for trainers to refund clients, through the TrainersVault messaging system and through the bootcamp interface. This tutorial will walk you through refunding a client through when they message you through Trainersvault. If you wish to manually refund a client you can find instructions on how to do so at this link -->


  1. On the TrainersVault home page click on your mail icon located beside your name in the top right corner of the page as shown:
  2. After clicking on the mail icon you will be brought to your TrainersVault inbox as shown below. Select "View" on the message to see the contents.
  3. After selecting view on the message you would like to see you will be brought into the conversation as shown below.
  4. Once you are viewing the conversation, click on on the "Actions" button. This will open a box showing each  up coming event the client is booked for, notice there is also the option to "Send training proposal" that will allow you to schedule one on one sessions. Selecting the arrow next to "Check-in" will bring up the refund option.
  5. The "Refund" option will allow you to refund a client, while the "Transfer" button will allow you to transfer clients between different instances of a event. For example if you are running a morning and afternoon bootcamp in the same city you can easily transfer clients between the two sessions. After selecting "Refund" you will be brought to a confirmation page.
  6. Once you are on the confirmation page you will be able to see the user, event and amount you are refunding. Confirm the refund by selecting "Issue refund".
  7. You will be brought back to your inbox and see the "Refund issued" confirmation box.

*Remember to read TrainersVault refund policy here

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