How TrainersVault protects Clients and Trainers


TrainersVault goal is to put the personal back into the personal training industry and a key component of this is trust. TrainersVault is designed to encourage trust between clients and trainers as a transparent platform for both users and trainers to book/ organize events as accept payments safely through.


Clients can view trainers profiles and past events along with social media feeds to see the trainers online reputation, clients can also view other attendees of bootcamps seeing how many people will be attending. As all payments are completed online before hand neither clients or trainers have to make or manage public cash payments.


Trainers only receive the money for events and session until after it is completed protecting users from trainers that do not show up for sessions. In the same respect clients pay in full ahead of time protecting trainers from clients cancelling at the last minute. For the full details of our refund policy please follow this link for the most current information:

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    Brittany Felisha Loreal Angelini

    I have not gotten paid yet. And no one will email me back I'm very frustrated

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    Brittany Felisha Loreal Angelini

    My session has been completed and still nothing . My bank sees nothing

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