How to add a TrainersVault button to your website


Many trainers like yourself run personal websites or blogs to reach out to new clients/ share some of their life changing experiences, this tutorial will show you how to add a TrainersVault button to your blog so people can follow it to your own TrainersVault page.

Dedicated download link:

Dedicated download link:

Dedicated download link:

Simply insert your preferred button image into your web site or blog and link it to your TrainersVault page. To link the button to your TrainersVault page select the image and make it a link, this varies from service to service but most platforms have the linking feature represented by two chains linked together.

After selecting this button and box will pop up asking you to insert a link, similar to the image shown below.


After putting in your TrainersVault link and save the change, in this case shown as a blue update button, when ever users click on the round TrainersVault button they will be brought to your TrainersVault page where they can book classes or on-on-ones.









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