How to send an invoice to clients


This guide will show you how to send an invoice to clients, this is great way to accept electronic payments and automatically send recites to your client.

1. Log into your Trainersvualt account, from here select the menu option in the top right of your home screen. From within the drop down menu select the create option.

2. After selecting the create option you be presented with your event type options, scroll down to the bottom and select invoice.

3. After selecting "Invoice" a drop down menu will be present with the title "Send an Invoice". Select from a list of previous clients or simply enter their email address in the first field. Proceed to enter in a description of what the invoices are for, we suggest you be as through as possible stating  what days of the week/ how many times a week and duration of the sessions. Enter in the price per session under the "price" box and the total number of sessions in the "sessions" box. After completing the fields simply hit send.

4. After sending your client the invoice you will be presented with a confirmation screen of the invoice.

5. Once the client has paid the invoice you will be sent a confirmation email, if you would like to check that status of invoices you have sent simply log into your Trainersvualt account and navigate to ->

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