Pricing & Fee's - How much does it cost for Users/ Trainers to use TrainersVault?


While is completely free to sign up we take a small commission from payments.

Here is the breakdown:

User Fees

  • We charge a 8% service fee every time a booking is made. Fees are calculated from the total, which is the price of a service (private training, bootcamp, online challenge or invoice) after any coupons are applied.

Trainer Fees for In-person Services

  • Fee: 5% + $0.45 per transaction
  • Example: you sell a $15 Bootcamp to a client, you get $13.80
  • In-person services are Bootcamps, One on One and Invoices
  • Payout is made to you 24 hours after the start of the service (or payment date for Invoices)

Trainer Fees for Online Challenges

  • Fee: 20%, no lower than $0.50 per booking
  • Example: you sell a $5 Online Challenge, you get $4.00
  • Payout is made to you 24 hours after the start of the online challenge, and again at the end for any sales done during the duration of the challenge
  • Online Challenges are currently in private beta. Contact Us if you want to participate.

*All Prices are in USD. Fees are non refundable.

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